Meet FREEDOM – The First DAO as a Service

FREEDOM MetaDAO is creating the first DAO as a Service that enables freedom of speech, privacy, and protection. The platform allows users with little to zero knowledge of the crypto space to establish and oversee DAO-based groups with its customizable templates, including interacting modules. It offers tools for mitigating corruption and facilitating transparency.

FREEDOM is developed to resolve the problems hindering the adoption and use of current DAOs, including complexity, cost, environmental impact, scalability, incentivizing members, etc. FREEDOM supports collaboration, organization, decision-making, resource pooling, and strategic action in a trustless and permissionless manner. Participants use the platform to consider shared interests and issues, develop and choose from proposals and resolutions, take action, and then evaluate the results of their actions. 

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FREEDOM provides frictionless experiences for both users and their organizations. The FREEDOM network is formed by the ecosystem of DAOs using the FREEDOM Platform. Consequently, the Network forms the foundation of the FREEDOM CLUB and its associated benefits.

“The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed” (Gandhi). 

In this ever-evolving world, there is room for everyone but due to toxicity and greed, this is not a reality. This is why Freedom is making ground-breaking technology easily accessible while equally empowering everyone from academic associations to grassroots lobbies, and the government. The mission of Freedom is to provide people with Freedom of Access, Freedom of Opinions, Freedom to manage, Freedom to be heard, and Freedom to be rewarded.

Freedom Platform

FREEDOM is a platform that is easy to use, reliable, and transparent in creating DAOs and accessing other DAOs. It is designed for users with little or no understanding of blockchain or DAOs. It has a visually-oriented user interface that supports frictionless interaction and is independent of the complex aspects and presentation of the blockchain. 

FREEDOM is the first platform to make DAOs available to mainstream users with token-free participation modes. It uses proof of personhood and staking-based modes of participation. These modes reduce the barriers to entry, provide greater modularity, resolve several issues, and broaden the use cases for FREEDOM.

The platform benefits from low gas fees and has a very small carbon footprint which will become even smaller as it employs non-energy-intensive blockchains. The quality of activities on the platform is improved by rewarding members for their engagement and participation via a reward system based on reputation and FREEDOM Utility Tokens

The FREEDOM network allows sharing of resources between DAOs, providing services to external parties, and partaking in partner-sponsored activities for rewards. The network supports the creation of additional value for DAOs and their members. The platform with its related DAOs is open-source and free to use for everyone, regardless of size, type, or purpose. Consequently, FREEDOM ensures the transparency, verifiable representation, and anonymity of groups and participants.

The DAOs on the platform can stand alone or serve as supplements for existing systems. Engineers, parent-teacher associations, lobby groups, trade unions, NGOs, etc. can all use the FREEDOM platform.


The FREEDOM ecosystem is powered by the FREEDOM Utility Token, a pivotal part of its Rewards System. It is used to incentivize active participants in the DAOs and Freedom Network. It is an ERC-20 token that can be used on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. It is also interoperable with Ethereum-compatible networks.

Users will need it to participate in DAOs using the staking-based participation mode. The FREEDOM Utility Token is staked to become a member of the FREEDOM CLUB. It is used as a utility token for exchanging services among DAOs. Also, it is used to sponsor polls and as rewards for group participation and engagement. There are plans for it to serve governance purposes.

The fees charged for using the token will serve as the primary sources of revenue for the FREEDOM Platform. These fees will be used to provide liquidity for the token. A fixed amount of 200,000,000 FREEDOM Utility Tokens will be released. Some of it will be distributed in public and private airdrops. After the airdrops, users can trade the token on various decentralized exchanges. They can also stake it in FREEDOM group activities or the FREEDOM Liquidity Pool to earn more.

Real-Life Situations Of Freedom DAOs

The Freedom platform which by design offers simplicity and ease doesn’t just offer that, it also enhances collaboration, allows representatives to share interests, ideas, individual opinions, and give all participants equal rights when it comes to decision making. For better understanding, it offers the parent-instructor affiliations the privilege to contribute tremendously to the growth of the school by being able to introduce ways to bring to full speed or full use of the school’s available resources, activities, and policies. It helps to create a balance in leadership ensuring power is not concentrated on one side.


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