NEO Price Prediction 2023-2032: Is it Good to Invest in NEO now?

NEO Price Prediction 2023-2032

In the crypto market, new projects appear every day. On average, only one project out of ten becomes a complete working ecosystem, and only a few of those have an application to the problems of the modern world. One successful start-up is NEO, open-source crypto with the extended functionality to develop smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps).

Neo (NEO) might not be one of the biggest names in the business, but it’s reputedly China’s first open-source blockchain — and is often referred to as ‘the Chinese Ethereum’. Erik Zhang, one of the co-founders, is the inventor of the ‘Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance‘ consensus mechanism, making NEO the first crypto to use this algorithm.

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With supporting details on the coin’s potential in this NEO price prediction, you might want to add the coin to your portfolio.

How much is NEO worth?

Today’s Neo price is $7.03 with a 24-hour trading volume of $24,513,694. Neo is down 3.42% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #71, with a live market cap of $494,950,088 USD. It has a circulating supply of 70,538,831 NEO coins and a max. supply of 100,000,000 NEO coins.

Neo Price Analysis: NEO/USD Facing Key Support Test at $6.9403: Will the Coin Rebound?

TL;DR Breakdown

  • NEO/USD resistance is present at $7.3981
  • NEO/USD faces pivotal support test at $6.9403
  • NEO breaches support at $7.0844

Neo Price Analysis 4-hour chart: NEO/USD Poised to Test Support at $6.9403 Before Potential Rebound

Analyzing the 4-hour chart, the NEO-USD trading pair is currently positioned beneath crucial moving averages. Precisely, it is trading just below its 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), valued at approximately $7.1157. Furthermore, NEO is trading below its 100-day SMA at approximately $7.7316, and its 200-day SMA at approximately $8.1852. This collective setup signifies a prevailing trend that leans towards the bearish side.

Of particular note, NEO has breached its support level at $7.0844, indicating a potential weakening of its position. In the meantime, NEO could breach its next support at $6.9403 before making a rebound for $7.3981.

NEO/USD Price Analysis 1-day chart: NEO to attain new lows?

Analyzing NEO’s daily price chart, a conspicuous observation emerges: the divergence of the Williams Alligator trend lines. This divergence serves as a potential precursor to a bearish trend. This perspective gains further weight from the Relative Strength Index (RSI) on the daily NEO price chart, currently situated within the oversold region. This synchronization with the Williams Alligator signals accentuates the prospect of an impending bearish trend within the NEO market.

Nevertheless, it’s imperative to acknowledge that oversold conditions frequently present enticing opportunities for strategic purchases at discounted prices. While indications may lean towards a bearish trajectory, the dynamic nature of markets could trigger a reversal, potentially altering the course of events, leading to a breakout above resistance levels at $7.3981 and $7.8089.

Neo Recent News/Opinions

Neo Gears Up for Singapore GAS Station Hackathon with Major Industry Partners

NEO Week in review. August 14 – 20, 2023.

Neo Price Predictions 2023 – 2032

NEO, classified as an altcoin, has demonstrated substantial gains for investors over time. However, its trajectory has mirrored that of Bitcoin and other prominent assets, tracking through the fluctuations of the crypto market from the crypto winter to the present.

Currently at 96.4% below its ATH, the question of whether Neo coin can stage a recovery in the foreseeable future is a pertinent one. Let’s delve into our NEO price prediction spanning the years 2023 to 2032.

Year Minimum Price ($) Average Price ($) Maximum Price ($) 
2023 9.45 9.86 10.67 
2024 13.98 14.47 16.47 
2025 19.50 20.23 23.98 
2026 28.10 29.11 33.66 
2027 40.02 41.48 48.34 
2028 63.46 65.12 71.59 
2029 94.81 97.42 110.15 
2030 135.31 140.18 164.16 
2031 194.72 201.72 238.20 
2032 276.62 284.68 339.43 

NEO Price Prediction 2023

Over the previous week, NEO has experienced a gain of 2.03%, a signal that the asset might be gathering strength for a potential upward movement in the near future. As per our forecast for NEO’s price in 2023, the cryptocurrency is anticipated to achieve a peak value of $10.67. Notably, the projected price range indicates that NEO’s lowest predicted price is $9.45, while the average estimate stands at $9.86.

NEO Price Prediction 2024

Based on our NEO price projection for the year 2024, investors should anticipate a potential maximum value of $16.47and an average value of $14.47 for the cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the forecast indicates that the token’s market price is expected to remain above a minimum threshold of $13.98. 

NEO Price Prediction 2025

In our NEO price forecast for 2025, a dominant bullish sentiment is anticipated to persist in the NEO market. This is projected to drive the token’s value to attain a maximum price of $23.98. Furthermore, the projected average price is set at $19.50, while the predicted minimum price is expected to stay around $20.23.

NEO Price Prediction 2026

As per our NEO price forecast for 2026, the market is poised to witness NEO’s value surging to a peak of $33.66. Meanwhile, the projected range indicates a minimum value of $28.10, with the average price projected to settle at $29.11.

NEO Price Prediction 2027

Looking ahead to 2027, our NEO price projection suggests an exciting possibility of the token reaching a peak market price of $48.34. This would mark an impressive surge of approximately 575.45% compared to its current market value of $7.15. In terms of the average market price, our forecast indicates a figure of $41.48. On the more conservative side, the projected minimum price for NEO is expected to be around $40.02.

NEO Price Prediction 2028

According to our NEO coin price prediction for 2028, there’s a possibility that NEO could reach a maximum price of $71.59. Additionally, our forecast indicates an average trading price of $65.12, and on the more conservative side, we expect a minimum price of $63.46.

NEO Price Prediction 2029

Looking at our NEO price prediction for 2029, it becomes clear that NEO is expected to undergo another significant price leap, potentially reaching a maximum price of $110.15. Our analysis also suggests a projected minimum price of $94.81 and an average price of $97.42 for the cryptocurrency.

NEO Price Prediction 2030

Our NEO price prediction for 2030 indicates that the NEO cryptocurrency could reach a maximum trading price of $70.74. Additionally, the projected average price is anticipated to be around $140.18, while the expected minimum price is likely to hover around $135.31. 

NEO Price Prediction 2031

Based on our NEO price prediction forecast for 2031, it is anticipated that NEO could witness substantial price gains, potentially reaching a maximum price value of $238.20. Furthermore, the forecast indicates a projected minimum price of $194.72 and an average price of $201.72. These price estimates are within reach under the assumption that the market continues to exhibit a bullish trend.

NEO Price Prediction 2032

As per our NEO forecast for 2032, the market is anticipated to witness NEO’s value potentially reaching a peak value of $339.43. On the other hand, our forecast suggests a projected minimum price of $276.62, while the average price is expected to settle around $284.68.

NEO Price Forecast by Wallet Investor 

Wallet Investor predicts that there could be a significant decline in the price of NEO, potentially causing it to plummet from its present value of $7.15 to around $1.686 by the year 2024. This projected decrease of approximately 76.5% raises concerns about the coin’s viability as a favorable option for long-term investment.

NEO Price Predictions by Technewsleader

Technewsleader’s optimistic forecast for NEO presents a promising outlook for its future value. By the end of 2023, NEO could potentially experience a significant increase of about 40.28%, reaching a maximum price of $10.03 and a minimum price of $8.96. Moving forward to 2024, a projected bull market might drive NEO’s value to grow by approximately 120.84% from its current price, resulting in a high of $15.79 and a low of $12.96. 

Looking further ahead, the year 2026 could see NEO’s value potentially surge by around 362.79%, reaching a maximum price of $33.09. In 2029, the projected value of $94.40 signifies an astonishing potential growth of about 1220.27%. Finally, by 2032, the estimated value of $292.32 suggests an extraordinary potential increase of approximately 3964.62% from its market price as at August 25. 

Digitialcoinprice NEO Price Predictions

Digitalcoinprice’s NEO price prediction outlines a progressive and positive trajectory for the cryptocurrency over the upcoming years. In 2023, they anticipate NEO’s value to range between $6.23 and $15.45, with an average price of $14.17. The forecast for 2024 envisions a potential increase, with NEO’s value projected to fluctuate between $15.08 and $18.20, averaging around $17.90. 

As the years advance, the forecast suggests a consistent upward trend, with NEO’s anticipated prices gradually climbing. By 2032, the prediction envisions NEO’s value potentially reaching between $131.93 and $137.22, showcasing substantial growth from its current value. 

Neo Overview


Neo Price History

NEO Price History: 

2017 – 2018:

NEO, originally known as AntShares (ANS), was rebranded to NEO. It gained attention as “Ethereum of China” due to its smart contract functionality. NEO’s price reached a maximum level of $47.90 in August. It experienced a market downturn, dropping to $28.31 by the end of October. NEO, together with BTC, ETH and several other cryptos experienced significant bull runs, leading to Neo coin attaining a maximum price of $82.92 by December.

NEO reached an all-time high of around $198.38 on January 15. Cryptocurrency markets experienced a significant correction, impacting NEO’s price as well. Between March and June 2018, NEO’s price gradually declined throughout this period due to the broader bear market sentiment. By December, NEO’s price had fallen to an average of around $7.

2019 – 2020:                                                                                                                                 

In 2019, NEO’s price showed relatively minor fluctuations, ranging between $7 and $20 for most of the year. By the end of the year, NEO’s price had stabilized around $9. Moving into 2020, NEO’s price continued to hover around the $10 range in the early months. However, around late August, NEO experienced a surge in price along with the broader cryptocurrency market, reaching over $20. This positive momentum carried into September, with NEO’s price climbing further to $25. Throughout the final quarter of the year, NEO’s price remained in the range of $14 to $20, indicating a certain level of stability.

2021 – 2022:

In 2021, NEO began the year at around $15 and underwent periods of volatility and growth. Amid the broader cryptocurrency market’s momentum, NEO surged to over $45 by February, but a subsequent correction led it to drop to about $35 in the ensuing months. An impressive surge in April and May saw NEO reaching over $100 due to the market rally.

Yet, this bullish phase was fleeting as a bearish sentiment took over. By June, NEO’s price plummeted to around $50, reflecting the broader market downturn. Despite attempts at recovery, NEO struggled to regain its earlier highs throughout the year, ultimately ending 2021 at approximately $30.

The subsequent year, 2022, was characterized by a challenging atmosphere marked by bearish market sentiment. Starting around $25, NEO faced consistent downward pressure as the months progressed. By mid-year, NEO dipped to around $9, held back by regulatory concerns and market uncertainties.

In the latter part of 2022, NEO’s attempts at recovery were constrained by persistent bearish trends. Despite sporadic efforts to break free, NEO’s price mostly ranged between $6 and $10, reflecting the challenges posed by the prolonged bearish conditions.


In 2023, NEO’s price history displayed distinct phases reflecting market dynamics. The year commenced with a partial recovery, propelling the coin to approximately $14 in April. However, this ascent was short-lived as a swift retracement swiftly followed, causing NEO’s value to drop below the $10 mark. As the year progressed, NEO maintained a consistent price range. Starting from June 2023, the coin’s value has remained within the confines of the $7 to $10 range. At the time of writing (August 25, 2023), NEO’s market price is $7.03.

More on Neo Token (NEO)

What Is NEO? 

NEO, in short, is a blockchain project from China founded in 2014. It used to be called Antshares, but this changed later. NEO cryptocurrency is also called the Chinese Ethereum because they are strongly committed to creating a smart economy and receiving huge Chinese government support. This means that the project developers want to make it easy to use smart contracts on the NEO network. 

For investors to use the NEO platform, the second crypto is used – namely, GAS. This can be considered the fuel of NEO. One share of the NEO token is also seen as one share in the network, and the GAS crypto is used to make transactions on this network.

It is possible to earn GAS with your NEO coin by saving your NEO coin in official wallets. This is due to the proof of stake principle. You deposit your NEO coin in your wallet and receive a portion of the GAS spent on the network in proportion to the amount of NEO coin you own. It is thus possible to generate some passive income for yourself.

You can imagine that when the NEO price or the GAS price rises, you will benefit from the price difference on your NEO but also that of your obtained extra GAS. This is one of the reasons investors invest or have invested a lot in NEO crypto in the past. Over the years, as with any project, a lot has happened with the NEO price action. We should add that it’s impossible to mine this virtual currency because they were all distributed during the ICO. 

NEO 3.0 

The NEO team was working on the project for three years. The Cryptocurrency market has been waiting for the NEO 3.0 release since the end of 2020. The launch was postponed several times. However, in March 2021, Neo started rolling out an N3 version of its public blockchain technology. 

NEO tries to create its own digital identity by attracting developers to create decentralized applications on the blockchain platform. The improved consensus protocol can be used worldwide. The upgrade of the system occurs when the Ethereumnetwork (a major competitor of NEO) is suffering capacity problems. Moreover, China, famous for its strict crypto regulation, claimed blockchain as a strategically leading technology. 

NEO 3.0 will raise transaction speed from 1,000/second to 5,000/second and cut “gas fees” 100 times. The fee reduction is a core point in competition with ETH, which has too high fees. 

The upgrade will include a decentralized file storage solution and a new governance mechanism. Under the new governance, NEO holders will vote in a NEO Council, which includes 21 members. The Council will control the management of fees, network upgrades, and other operation-based cases.

Poly Network, a consortium interoperability protocol, is used to facilitate NEO token migration to the new network. The migration with Poly Network will show whether the network works well to create a blockchain from scratch and transfer all the data from the existing chain without errors. 

Here are some of the major elements of the NEO 3.0 network that are supposed to attract developers to the system: multi-language support, native oracles that secure access to any off-chain data, advanced interoperability, decentralized storage, and self-sovereign identity, best-in-class tooling, and a dual-token model. 

Sometimes people include NEO in the list of Ethereum Killers. Both systems provide similar features for the market, but NEO has more advanced technology and surpasses ETH in various aspects. The platform uses its own virtual machine NeoVM, allowing you to run even the most complex contracts quickly. The theoretical network capacity is 10,000 transactions per second.

At the moment, the speed does not exceed 1000 tps. NEO implements an advanced dBFT protocol that effectively protects the system from most known cyberattack methods. Unlike Ethereum, which uses the extremely sophisticated programming language, Solidity, NEO supports Java, C#, Kotlin, GO, and Python.

In the middle of April 2021, after NEO 3.0 started rolling out, the NEO/USD pair managed to hit $130. It’s a significant rise from 0.0320 USD during the ICO in August 2017. Analysts and crypto enthusiasts believe that it’s not the limit and that further development will lead to higher prices.


Even though the NEO project hasn’t had enough publicity that it should have, the project behind it is a futuristic one. There are many NEO price predictions, but we are bullish on the coin and hope that it performs well in the future. Our expected maximum price for this coin by 2023 is $10.67.

According to algorithmic averages and expert predictions, the predicted price of NEO by 2032 is $339.43. Despite the optimistic price predictions, you must do your research before making any investments, as cryptocurrencies, like NEO, are volatile. With a quick market recovery, a massive 51.7% push to the upside is anticipated by the end of 2023.

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