NFT Games Are Better Than Traditional Games, Urvit Goel

The gaming industry is one of the oldest in existence. But changes came to the sector with the advent of blockchain technology and NFT. Now, a lot is going on in the industry, including game developers opening up shops on the blockchain.

Nowadays, people can make money playing games, not those types of earnings that you don’t cash out. But actual money can be earned through winnings. Apart from that, these innovative games allow users to sell their in-game items with the integration of the NFT model.

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All these functionalities in blockchain-based games pushed Urvit Goel, the business development manager in Polygon, to applaud the sector. But, according to Urvit, the traditional games have lost their edge to NFT-integrated games.

NFT Games Surpassed Traditional Games

Goel shared his views with a reliable source last week. This discussion took place in Seoul and focused on why Polygon pushes towards NFT games and why many game developers now prefer the space. The business development manager cited two famous publishers in South Korea, Nexon, and Neowiz, as those at the forefront of this migration.

According to Goel, traditional games are no longer as appealing as the NFT game model. For instance, many conventional gamers usually buy in-game items with real-world money.

But they cannot resell those same items for real money if the need arises. But with the integration of the NFT model, gamers can buy their items as NFT tokens and sell them after the game to get back their money.

On that note, Goel stated that traditional games are money in, no money out. According to him, gamers should gain some dollar value from their investments while playing games. He prefers that publishers give gamers some right over their in-game items. They can sell or keep them depending on what they want.

Traditional Game Publishers Shifting To NFTs

Goel also observed that traditional game publishers are considering a shift towards NFTs. For example, he cited Nexon, a famous South Korean publisher of MapleStory, who’s now moving towards GameFi.

Nexon disclosed two months ago through a gaming news outlet that it would launch an on-chain version of MapleStory. Besides, Polygon is also partnering with Neowiz, another South Korean game mogul to emerge on-chain.

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Due to these moves, Goel expects a domino effect in the gaming industry. He says that for big shots like these two to move on-chain, they’ve also realized the edge of NFT games over traditional versions.

As a result, there’s a great future ahead for GameFi and NFT games. Goel believes that with these top shots worth millions and billions of revenues entering space, a lot will happen in the nearest future.

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