PLCU Coin: A Crypto Ecosystem Outside Bitcoins Orbit

The last few weeks have witnessed some of the most turbulent times in recent memory for the cryptocurrency industry. Stable coins have been looking, well… not so stable recently, and coin values across the board have been sinking faster than at any time in the past. Although this seems to be the first-time stable coins have experienced such challenges, it’s certainly not unusual for cryptocurrencies to experience market jitters, resulting in massive sell-offs and wild swings in value.

This time, it was the collapse of one stablecoin in particular, TerraUSD, which led to investors fleeing other stablecoins, and as a result, fled their cryptocurrency investments in general, including the one coin that underpins the entire cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin.

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But, stablecoin problems or not, there’s one thing you can be sure of; when Bitcoin falls, the rest of the cryptocurrency market follows. However, not all coins are created equal, and one ambitious project has managed to break free from Bitcoin’s gravitational field.

Created by crypto visionary, serial entrepreneur and one of the world’s top crypto influencers, Alex Reinhardt, PLCU coin was designed to be different. He envisioned a coin that was less influenced by market sentiment by offering a wide range of products and services within its own crypto ecosystem. Therefore, unlike other coins, PLCU is better shielded from the speculation and volatile market swings that affect the vast majority of other coins and continues to distance itself from Bitcoin.

A coin created to be used

Alex Reinhardt’s vision for PLCU was in sharp contrast to most new crypto projects. The majority of altcoin projects aspire to be the next Bitcoin, and are basically speculative investment vehicles to be purchased, tucked away, and sold at some point in the future. PLCU coin couldn’t be more different; PLCU coin was created to be used, and this is what makes PLCU coin unique.

The PLCU coin was created to be used by a community of people for their everyday personal and business transactions. And because of its own trading and other activities, it’s the community itself that is PLCU’s strength. Therefore, this means that it’s the community themselves in control of the coin’s future growth potential and market value regardless of what the crypto market is doing. This cannot be said of other coins because when Bitcoin loses value, the others inevitably follow.

By constantly innovating and providing the community with everything they need to live and work within its ecosystem, PLCU coin continues to grow and grow. And, unlike most new crypto projects that spend millions on marketing and influencers, most new users are attracted to PLCU by existing community members by word of mouth. Currently, PLCU has more than one million users across 120 countries worldwide. A truly astonishing figure for a coin that only launched a little over a 6 months ago.

Community first policy

By listening to the community and delivering the products, tools and services they want, PLCU ensures that its vision of uniting the real world with the crypto world is kept on track. A variety of innovative products have been developed to make the community’s lives easier and more beneficial.

For example, there’s a crypto debit card giving users the ability to pay in both crypto and fiat currencies, marketplaces where users can buy and sell products and services, and minting coins (not to be confused with mining), a newer and greener way of creating new coins that only the community has the opportunity to earn money from.

Moreover, PLCU wants the community to not only earn a living here but thrive, to the extent that PLCU puts the community’s profits before its own. For instance, PLCU burns 100% of its coins to not compete with the community for liquidity. Also, the company freezes 50% of its coins for one year and reduces the production of new coins each month. These actions help increase the coin’s stability further and build long-term trust with the community and confidence in the currency in general.

A solar system of its own

All of the above actions demonstrate the company’s selfless attitude and determination to make the project successful in the short and long term. This passion and commitment are lacking elsewhere, and these kinds of actions will continue to attract new users to the project for years to come.

With a community that feels appreciated; listened to and the company itself doing everything within its power to support them both practically and financially, PLCU has managed to succeed where others haven’t and built a micro-economy connected to the real economy users can effortlessly float between.

And, by not following the crowd and focusing its efforts on its vision for its platform, PLCU coin has achieved what some believed impossible. It has not only protected itself from the volatile changes that result from orbiting star Bitcoin, but it has also created an entirely new solar system of its own.


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