Ripio exchange announces the development of a Blockchain-based on Ethereum

Recently, the Argentine crypto platform Ripio announced the launch of Ethereum Sidechain, which would correspond to an individual Blockchain linked to the ETH network. Although virtual commerce is going through an unfavorable time where the Ether token lost more than 40 percent of its value, the main crypto companies in Latin America are still moving towards decentralized technology. The crypto exchange proposes increasing its business level with more tokens.

Ripio has also been releasing new books and wallets based on the Web3 network and has even been seen participating in the Metaverse. The company has offered commercial services since 2013, gathered around 3,000,000 clients in Argentina and several Latin countries, and plans to reach Spain.

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Ripio manager shows its progress in the Metaverse

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2022 was taken as a year of progress towards the Metaverse where several companies, including Ripio, show how interested this technology is. According to the firm’s director, Méndez José, the web platform would adapt to the Metaverse, including new tokens and Web3 networks.

Likewise, Méndez indicates that an innovative Web3 network will be launched to facilitate access to the Metaverse. The Exchange aims to speed up the entry into technology that promises to renew the traditional financial scheme. It also includes the incursion into the NFT market, PET video games, and decentralized finance, among other things.

Ripio stands alone as a multipurpose Exchange that allows access to various Blockchains. On the other hand, it promises to offer the best trading experience to its users through a dedicated network.

Latin exchange gains priority in Spain forum

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Not only did Ripio gain power in Argentina, but it also sought to expand its operations in Europa, specifically in Spain. The company recently appeared at the ETH Forum held in Barcelona, where its director confessed that he sought to promote their dedicated scheme. With this announcement, the exchange showed the development of the Ethereum-based Sidechain.

The Latin crypto company indicated that there is already evidence of the lateral Blockchain that Polygon and its entire decentralized network support. However, no further details were given about the project, but it is expected to be big and bring relevance to virtual trading.

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