TDeFi Empowers DeFi & Digital Asset Projects with its Comprehensive Incubation

With the rapid growth of Blockchain startups, new and exciting projects are constantly emerging, further growing the space. With so many projects launching, however, some will inevitably and unfortunately slip through the cracks.

TDeFi is an incubator and advisor for Blockchain startups that provides access to world-class mentors, ecosystem support, marketing and community building strategies, exchange listings, liquidity provisioning, and growth hacking partnerships. They have already assisted 45+ companies like Vulcan Verse, Bridge Network, Edverse, PalmSwap, CR Square, and Drife, improving their offerings and assisting them in the design and creation of their token projects.

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TDeFi assists projects from their launch to whatever else comes next, covering everything a token needs throughout its lifecycle to succeed. There are no upfront costs involved for these startups, which is very beneficial for those that are still in the early stages. TDeFi operates as an Ask of Only Token throughout the process.

Each project is assigned a seasoned portfolio manager to help the project develop relations with the rest of the portfolio. Every project involved also becomes a default partner to all the events co-hosted by TDeFi, such as BizThon or Global Blockchain conferences.

TDeFi has already seen a great amount of success, with a portfolio of 45+ projects and a long track record of helping them succeed.

How TDeFi Assists Startups

The token economy can be a challenging landscape to navigate and survive in, causing many great projects to die before ever getting a chance to show what they really have to offer. With over eight years of experience investing and working with Blockchain companies, the TDeFi team is well equipped with the knowledge and skill needed to ensure that worthy projects get the success they deserve.

TDeFi offers a slew of key benefits for startups. Here are some of the more prominent ways that they can help:

Regulations and Compliance

TDeFi will help projects create a structure that aligns with the best compliance and provides strategic guidance on current regulatory best practices, while also keeping growth in mind. A team of advisors is working in the cabinets of different countries to progress the adoption of digital assets and ensure that projects align with proper compliance.

Ideation and Mentorship

Projects will work alongside a team of professionals that actively contribute to and support technology projects of the future, such as DeFi, Metaverse, GameFi, etc. With this experience, the team can offer tried and tested strategies, along with general advice to help projects succeed.

TDeFi is led by its CEO Mr. Gaurav Dubey, a Blockchain Evangelist, Investor, and Speaker since 2015. His love for emerging technologies led him to Blockchain, and he has been helping hundreds of projects ever since. The team also comprises Rishabh Gupta – Head of Operations, Ateeq Farooqui – Head of Trading and Valuation, Henrik Rasmussen – Head of Investor Relations, and a team of Analysts/Portfolio Managers. Thanks to this remarkable team, TDeFi can help startups gain a clear understanding and connections with mentors and advisors – not just inside the digital asset and Blockchain space but also in traditional finance.

Investors and Influencers Connect

To ensure a project’s success, it is imperative that it finds an early-stage venture and a strategic investor that aligns with the founding team’s vision. Because of this, TDeFi advises projects to set up token allocation and structure token sales in a way that successfully attracts investors for each round until it is listed on an exchange.

Thanks to TDeFi’s network, projects can be connected to some of the most prominent and respected influencers in the digital asset community. These influencers have experience in technology with professionally-written articles and targeted placing. With their help, the project will gain more reach for generating awareness.

Token Structure and its Economics

The distribution and economy surrounding tokens is a crucial part of the adoption of a project. How tokens are handled should reflect the team’s long-term goals, while at the same time incentivizing all of the project’s users.

TDeFi’s token economics mentors and analysts support projects by designing growth-oriented token economics and shaping token utility. The TDeFi Alliance helps bootstrap liquidity for early-stage DeFi projects by working with a vast network of trading firms, traders, and liquidity providers. The team will also assist in growth management and adoption, even after the listing process is complete. The team said, “Our focus is to build transactional token economics that helps the projects to align with its business growth, thus accruing inherent value for the token holders. Three major characteristics of token economics are utility, token velocity, and token holding nature.

With over half a decade of investing in Blockchain, TDeFi is more than capable of assisting aspiring projects with its comprehensive set of services, ensuring they are able to reach their full potential.

Exposure to the Ecosystem

TDeFi frequently holds events and conferences for all members of the DeFi, Blockchain, and digital asset community, so they can come together and discuss the future of these spaces.

Some recent events and conferences held by TDeFi include:

  • AIBC-TDeFi UAE Expo in 2022 – Eight global events that received significant participation and response from a wider audience, held from the 20th to the 23rd of March 2022.
  • The Global Blockchain Congress – TDeFi co-hosted the ninth edition of this conference on February 21st and 22nd, 2022, which acted as a gateway to the metaverse, GameFi, and DeFi. This was the fourth consecutive GBC co-hosted by TDeFi since February 2021.
  • TDeFi & BizThon at GITEX, 2021 – TDeFi hosted Startup Blockchain Mega Stage BizThon, which featured great minds from across the industry coming together and brainstorming exciting new Blockchain business ideas.

For more information about what events TDeFi is holding, be sure to keep an eye on its Events and Conferences page.

TDeFi has built partnerships with Smart Contract Audit firms, Growth Hacking experts, Launchpads, Private Consortiums, and more to help their projects throughout their life cycles. TDeFi is backed by TradeDog Research & Advisory, which provides the incubated project with access to its community of more than 2 million traders and crypto users. For more info on TradeDog, check out the content in its research section.


 Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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