The iMind video conferencing tool is a perfect solution for business: true or false?

The main task today is to keep up with the crazy life rhythm that modernity establishes. Constant development, work, and self-improvement are the main tendencies, and in the context of progressing globalization, it becomes more and more complicated to live calmly. To reduce the level of stress, people prefer more comfortable conditions for their work. One of the tools that help with this issue is video conferencing. The iMind platform is considered one of the best business solutions, and below we will discuss the reasons. 

What is the iMind platform?

The iMind tool is a video conferencing software solution that helps people perform their professional activities at a distance. It is a product of the Mind IT company that develops software for various telecommunication needs, and today, iMind is one of their most successful projects. 

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What does iMind offer?

The iMind tool offers a variety of options for different purposes, but initially, it was designed for business. You can see it clearly by the plan variations:

  • free use offers baseline functionality that provides ample room for most needs of an individual;
  • “Pro” plan suggests more advanced features (like chat for business and simultaneous calls recording) for small teams working;
  • “Business” subscription opens even broader space for professional activity;
  • The “Enterprise” option extends the limits to the possible maximum and is designed for a large company’s workflow organization. 

To be more specific about the core functions, you can find the following default advantages of this piece of software:

  • easy-to-use interface with a workspace not overloaded with bars and buttons;
  • top quality video and sound transmission that does not require additional settings or equipment;
  • elimination of the background noise that enhances the quality of your communication wherever you are;
  • availability to use the tool in a browser or download it as a desktop application – saves you from the necessity to care about OS compatibility.

These parameters do not depend on the iMind plan, so even using the unchargeable features, you get the best video conferencing experience. 

What experience shows

According to the customers’ reviews, the G2 source considered the iMind platform one of the best solutions. They appreciated the free functionality they used successfully for their professional goals. Among the features that customers liked the most, you can find:

  • An understandable and comfortable interface. Especially how you can create a meeting room: write the room name, and you get the link, which you share with your attendees.
  • Decent limits allow for ample opportunities for meeting organization. People mentioned an attendees limit (a hundred people maximum).
  • Demonstration opportunities. One of the reviewers mentioned the simultaneous display of the screens as a helpful feature.
  • General connection quality. Users liked the smoothness of communication available due to the iMind platform. 

And these points are not exhaustive, so to read more reviews, visit the G2 website. 

Summarizing the abovementioned, you can see that the iMind video conferencing tool is indeed one of the best business solutions. But finally, it depends on you — how to use all features the software provides.

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