Uniglo (GLO), Chainlink (LINK) And Uniswap (UNI) Remain The Most Bullish Projects On Ethereum (ETH) Network

The Ethereum blockchain is already home to some of the biggest and best projects in crypto. There’s a reason why ETH fired up the charts to become the second biggest token around, despite issues with transaction speeds and costs—it’s an incredibly fertile development platform that has attracted countless developers across the planet. And many of these projects are making huge strides in the industry, revolutionalizing the global tech space.

This also means that many of these projects are great investments. So if you’re looking to improve the fortunes of your existing portfolio, or even make your first crypto investments, you might want to look closely at some of the best options built on Ethereum. With ETH 2.0 on the horizon, these projects could flourish even more as issues such as extremely high gas fees and annoyingly slow transaction speeds could become a thing of the past. This could fire Ethereum blockchain projects even higher up the charts. Here are a few of the most bullish-looking projects in the space right now:

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Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is perhaps one of the most bullish projects the space has seen for some time. Arguably ever. That’s because it’s a completely community-driven token that solves the globe’s inflation issues with a fully asset-backed store of value and ultra-burn mechanics. Both of these two key features mean it continues to become more scarce over time, and more valuable thanks to a diversified range of assets that include digital gold. This gives GLO both a solid price, and potential for growth, and it’s why more and more industry investors are investing during pre-sale.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is one of the biggest smart contract powering systems in crypto. It’s got tons of innovative tech and is already established in the industry, but it’s got potential to grow, too. Currently sitting at around $8.71, its native token LINK has had a strong month of trading. This strength is expected to continue.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is already the biggest token swapping exchange in the industry. It offers a huge number of coins, and is often the only place you can get your hands on some of the newest crypto tokens in the space. Uniswap offers all sorts of investors a huge range of solutions, earning options and potential for growth. That’s why it’s always been a good investment, and this remains the case today.


Prospects look incredibly bullish for UNI, GLO and LINK. There’s a reason why those who know what they’re doing are increasing their investments into these tokens, so you should strongly consider doing so too.

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