Web3 Metaverses Need Better Interoperability And The Metaverse Founders Club Agrees

There are many opportunities in the Web3 and metaverse space. Excitement is building, and projects are coming to fruition. However, there needs to be a stronger focus on interconnecting the virtual worlds, as society doesn’t need more siloed ecosystems.

Connecting Metaverses Is Essential

While one must apply the teams building their metaverses, some criticism is in order. More specifically, many projects are building a virtual world that is not connected to anything else. Although that will be part of the broader Metaverse ecosystem, it is not a solid gateway to attract newcomers. For example, a Web3 project should never expect the end-user is versed in crypto wallets and blockchain technology.

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Unfortunately, the current approach by most metaverse projects leaves much to be desired. Like most blockchains, a Web3 project is often very limited in how it can communicate with entities or data outside of this ecosystem. That is a problem and warrants the exploration of finding new ways to connect different worlds.

As Metametaverse CEO Joel Dietz explains:

 “Sadly, in many crypto metaverses, the tendency is more of a banker that wants to capture all of the money, rather than games that were thought through from the standpoint of optimizing user experience.”

That may seem like a harsh vision, but it isn’t incorrect either. Many of these projects focus on the play-to-earn and pay-and-earn approach so much they forget about how these projects should attract mainstream users rather than crypto enthusiasts. The Metaverse Founders Club, a new initiative, aims to change that situation and focus on broader interoperability.

Why The Metaverse Founders Club Matters

Metametaverse and Anitya.space joined forces to put forward the new initiative enhancing collaboration and interoperability between various metaverses. The Metaverse Founders Club will bring together founders and pioneers. As a result, there will be a virtual scavenger hunt spanning multiple metaverses later in June 2022. It is one example of why interconnecting virtual worlds is more important than most people may realize.

Anitya.space CEO Pedro Jardim comments:

“Who wants to wake up in a metaverse future dominated by a few corporations? We envision this club to be a space for an optimist and collaborative  future where we hopefully together are able to build critical infrastructure to make sure the metaverse stays open, accessible and playful.”

The Metaverse Founders Club will meet up every quarter to organize cross-metaverse games and events. Additionally, there will be monthly consortiums to propose new ideas, evolve bylaws, and vote on anything that requires voting. There are eight initial members, including representatives from Space, Terra Virtua, NFT Oasis, etc. Other members can become part of this club, either by representing a metaverse or related technology or by partaking in the virtual scavenger hunt’s puzzles.

Ultimately, the goal is to establish broader interoperability between metaverses to improve the user experience. Additionally, the Metaverse Founders Club provides a better approach to creating a user-oriented approach to entering the metaverse, regardless of previous blockchain and crypto experience.


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