Web3 Need Safe CEX

Yep, it’s true. The FBI recently issued a warning over cybercriminal exploits targeting DeFi. In fact, DeFi platforms have been exploited to the sound of more than $1.6B this year alone.

Now, the Web3 native, the crypto-enthusiast, the OG of the Nakamoto tribe, may simply brush this off as yet another attempt by “The Man” to stifle innovation and to prevent the individual from accessing the future of finance.

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But, to most, this is a stark warning from a government agency against the risks posed by novel, decentralized, round-the-clock financial ecosystems.

So, what is the individual, the “normie”, to do when presented with such a significant warning from a three-letter agency? It’s essential that the builders of today develop a secure, easy-to-use, onboarding solution that enshrines education, usability, and the customer experience.

Web3 needs safe CEX.

Centralized exchanges play a pivotal role in the Web3 user journey. It’s where the majority of participants acquire their first coins, learn how a market works, and bounce off jovially into the Web3 future.

Veering away from DeFi is not enough when it comes to security. CEX’s have suffered losses to hacks amounting to billions of dollars. The risk associated is compounded further when users are required to leverage multiple platforms to achieve their goals.

As a response, the COINZIX team is building an all-in-one crypto-product suite that will serve as the leading initial touch point for individuals onboarding to the world of Web3. All of this whilst ensuring security stays top of mind.

At face value, COINZIX may appear as nothing more than another centralized exchange. However, they’re developing perhaps the broadest range of intertwined crypto products on the market right now. From a fully functional ATM network (already in operation), to a crypto payments solution (business and personal), and an industry-leading launchpad allowing the best and brightest to achieve their decentralized vision.

The CEO and Founder of COINZIX, Ovidiu Chirodea, commented on the current position of their product in relation to the wider scope of the cryptoverse:

“Anyone can spin up a centralized exchange, seed it with liquidity, and add a bunch of fees. At COINZIX, we’re building something different. A fully-fledged crypto-powered ecosystem which provides customers with the best experience, most competitive fees, and highest levels of usability. Gone are the days of jumping from platform to platform to meet your needs. It’s all here at COINZIX”

If and when the vision of COINZIX is truly enacted, it will serve as nothing less than a tool of empowerment for individuals, projects, and organizations, looking to enter and thrive within the world of Web3.

Image by Csaba Nagy from Pixabay

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