What Is a Simple Earn and How to Earn Crypto on Simple App?

How to Earn Crypto with the Simple App?

All there is to know about how to earn crypto, invest, and generate income via Simple App. A complete brief guide about a brand-new product in the crypto world.

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The modern world is full of new ways of earning. Each day brings more and more different opportunities to increase overall income. Cryptocurrencies are one of the newest ways to increase earnings effectively and safely. Sometimes the whole process might look like a total pain in the back. However, nowadays, it is pretty easy to earn crypto.

Thanks to various apps, programs, and websites, it’s easy to understand and achieve great results in crypto trading, mining, and investing. Still, sometimes it might be pretty hard to gather all the necessary information from the Internet to launch your cryptocurrency path. That is why we decided to tell you about the Simple App, which allows you to earn crypto while learning crypto. So, please, keep reading if you would like to know more.

Simple App: General Info

Nowadays, there are lots of trading platforms all across the Internet. Still, in most cases, they are pretty hard to use and learn and require a PC or at least a laptop to get full access to all functions. So, a company called “Simple Europe” created a mobile app and website for all those who would like to know how to earn interest in crypto. Now, let’s take a closer look at this product. 

What is Simple Earn? How To Earn and What to Earn?

As you already understand, Simple App can significantly help you increase your income. Still, it would be better to do a small research before starting a crypto trading process. To begin earning, all you have to do is go through a few consecutive steps:

1) Download App

2) Sign-In

3) Allow Simple App to use your credit card

4) Start the trading process

Basically, one of the main ideas of this app is to make a safe, trustworthy, and reliable environment for all those who have only begun their crypto journey. The simple app allows you to operate with more than 15 different cryptocurrencies and developers keeps add new cryptocurrencies every day. Among them:

1) BTC

2) ETH



5) BNB

6) SOL



9) LTC

10) TRX

Just buy any cryptocurrency from the list and start the process. Simple earns a profit for you passively, you don’t have to do anything else. Most coins provide up to 15% of annual profits when holding them in the account. You can always read FAQs and various guides in the APP to understand how it works and how to use it more effectively. Also, you can withdraw your funds any day you like.

Simple App: Main Advantages of App Itself

As you already understand, Simple App was designed mainly to learn and earn crypto simultaneously. Still, for most people, it’s pretty hard to switch to a crypto-financial system from a traditional one. Also, it is still much more comfortable for most people to use traditional currencies (USD, EUR, etc.) for most operations. So, that is the main reason why Simple App allows users to use traditional currencies to buy their first crypto. Among other advantages, for example:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive design
  • Great customer support service
  • An excellent guide regarding the use of the Simple App
  • And much more

This app is generally designed for those who only begin their journey in the crypto world. So, as a result, all users have an opportunity to set a coin earning process via their traditional currencies, bank cards, and accounts. Also, whenever the user buys all desired amounts of crypto, he can start a trading process. Anyone can check out a general guide on trading in the specific section of the Simple App manual.

Simple App: How to Download?

Well, to be honest, the download process is the same as for any other app. It’s intuitive, easy, and fully automated. There are only a few consecutive steps you need to do to install the app on your phone:

  • Go to the Simple App official webpage 
  • Chose the desired version according to your phone (available for IOS and Android)
  • Start a download process via Google Play or AppStore
  • Wait until the installation process ends
  • Enjoy the app!

Also, Simple App got a special offer for all new users. Moreover, every user can invite their friends to use the app and get discounts, various special offers, and some additional coins. This is a limited offer, so please, hurry up!

Simple App: How to Sign In?

The whole sign-in process is also pretty simple. It is designed specifically for those users who are not familiar with modern technologies but are willing to learn. To sign in, you simply need to:

  • Open, an app on your mobile device
  • Press a sign-in button
  • Type in your email and agree to all terms and conditions
  • Pick up an account name and a password
  • Pass a short verification process

Done, after that, you are ready to use an app. All you have to do is just link your credit or debit card with your Simple App account, and you can start to earn crypto and a trading process.

So Why Should I Start Crypto Trading?

If you are knowledgeable about crypto well enough, you probably know that all coins’ general market value and revenue keep increasing every year. For instance, according to gminsights.com statistics, the size of the cryptocurrency market crossed $1 670 639 886 763 in 2021. Also, it will keep getting at least a 10% CAGR every year until 2027. 

So, those numbers basically speak for themselves. Just try to understand what could happen if you decide to jump into this fast crypto train of financial success. Your income might potentially increase. And with Simple App, the learning process would become more straightforward, easy, and comfortable.

Last but not least, you might use Simple App as an excellent guide into a general trading world. For instance, after you decide to stop crypto trading, you can always use your gained experience in other markets and industries. Of course, you will need some additional training, but the general trading principles are somewhat the same for different niches.


Simple App is a great way to earn crypto rewards, increase your income, and at the same time learn more about the new world of crypto. Basically, this app is a great way to combine a traditional financial system with the crypto trading system. 

You won’t regret it if you try it out and won’t lose anything. The main reason — it’s free, user-friendly, and designed to inspire and inform people about crypto and training in general. 

Please let us know what you think about the Simple App in the comment sections.

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