Will the crypto market go back up?

The global crypto market has seen incomparable lows as it has shed value continuously. The losses have resulted in a prevailing sense of pessimism, affecting the new investments. The changes have resulted in decreased investments as investors have gone for sell-offs. The changes mean further market depreciation and an ultimate decrease in global market cap value.

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Bitcoin performance (Source: TradingView)

The changes in the value continue as the fluctuating pattern remains unchanged. If it continues like this, the investor trust might be affected further. The current global market cap value is in the $974.99 billion range. The comparative data for the last month shows that it has shed more than $1 trillion in the mentioned period. Despite bearishness and liquidations, the market stands an equal chance of uptrend. The available data for Bitcoin and the overall market affirms this fact.

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Here is a brief overview of the prevailing situation and whether the market will go up.

Crypto recession and its impacts

The last two weeks saw a massive drop for Bitcoin and Ethereum as they almost halved their value. The changes deprived Bitcoin of more than $10K, while Ethereum has also faced a difficult situation. The changes suggest that the market is going through a correction phase as global politico-economic changes occur. Thus, the decreased investments have continued to plague the market.

One of the main reasons for the decrease in the crypto market’s value is the decision that Tesla took to no longer accept Bitcoin for purchases. Thus, the decreased use meant lower useability, affecting the investments. Investors prefer to go for those investments which have real-life uses. Many reasons have spurred the current recession, but one of them is the lag in recognizing crypto for real-life uses.

Though there have been announcements since long that talk of crypto use in real life, there has been real implementation. Thus, the investor trust has eroded gradually, bringing the market to the brink of a crash. Its impacts are far-reaching as the crypto services offering companies and investors have borne the brunt of this change.

Why did the crypto market go berserk?

Crypto continued smoothly for a long time as it saw all-time highs in September 2021. The value of Bitcoin and other currencies was highest during the period mentioned. Tesla’s reason for the U-turn was ‘environmental concerns.’ Also, the Chinese government has continued to go for stricter regulations for crypto. The already turbulent market has gone into further problems, which might worsen if there is any new addition. The Chinese government has prevented banks and other financial institutions from offering services or assistance related to cryptocurrencies. It has suffocated the already emaciated market.

Inflation across the Atlantic is another major reason crypto has seen hard times. The increased inflation has resulted in lowered investments, affecting the price value of various currencies. Thus, it has spurred a decreasing trend in the market. May and June 2022 proved catastrophic for the crypto market, bringing huge losses.

As said earlier, the global market cap dropped from the previous resistance level of $2.10 trillion to the lows of the 900 billion range. The continuation of bearishness is worrying the investors and furthering the losses. Thus, it has resulted in decreased investments.

Chances of its recovery

The market has seen multiple lows since its starting days. Bitcoin has occupied a significant space in the market, and its data shows that multiple lows have deprived it of its value. The current wave of bearishness seems to be a continuation of that trend. Though the severity of global problems is a real specter, there is hope for improvement. The changes on a global level while the increased implementations will take the market up. So, there should be no room for pessimism.


The global crypto market is going through a hard phase as it has suffered considerably. The changes have created a sense of pessimism, but hope always exists. The current changes have deprived it of value, but it has shown resilience. So, if there is an improvement in the affecting factors, it will enhance the crypto market soon. 

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