Wyoming Banking Commissioner Goes Web3, Joins Fortress Blockchain Technologies

LAS VEGAS, NV; FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Fortress Blockchain Technologies revealed today that Albert Forkner, state banking commissioner with the Wyoming Division of Banking, has joined Fortress Trust Company as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He heads up the regulatory entity powering the Fortress Web3 B2B infrastructure ecosystem.

Fortress provides a suite of API-driven B2B financial, regulatory and technology solutions to NFT and crypto innovators. These trailblazers are setting up to transform the world thanks to Web3 initiatives and badly need a trusted foundation from which to build their businesses.  

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Albert explains, “The goal of Fortress Blockchain Technologies is to provide a suite of Web3 infrastructure products and services for NFT and crypto innovators. With the embeddable wallet from Fortress Wallet, or the minting engine from FortressNFT, to payment rails, compliance services and digital asset custody solutions from Fortress Trust, we exist to support and/or provide solutions for our customers to build extraordinary businesses around NFT’s and crypto.” 

Forkner brings over 20 years of experience as a banking regulator and was heavily involved in the Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI) bank charter, the first such framework for digital assets. 

Albert continues, “…a lot of things were working through the state system, through our state legislature. And then my job was to administer the laws that were passed as they dealt with digital assets, banking, blending the traditional financial services and digital assets together. I spent the last four years doing that and figuring out how to allow and foster innovation, but still do it in a safe and sound manner.”

About Fortress Blockchain Technologies and Fortress Trust Company

Fortress Blockchain Technologies is a software development firm and holding company that is purpose-built to create infrastructure for the rapidly emerging Web3 space. Fortress Trust Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortress Blockchain Technologies and is a full-retail Nevada-chartered financial institution.  

For more information, visit FortressTrust.us

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