XTRA․FUND – the World’s Only DeFi Platform That Always Rewards, No Matter the Market

The cryptocurrency Winter is (NOT) here to stay.

If the media was any indicator of the current state of the cryptocurrency industry, one would think it was time to “pack up” and find a new technology to invest both time and money into. It is true that the cryptocurrency industry is currently experiencing another so called “cryptocurrency winter” and while numerous references may be cited to support that, it is also true that this is not the first nor the worst one. In fact, well supported and funded projects are thriving and now is the perfect time to develop them further.

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The team behind XTRA.FUND also believes that as well. The platform has been fully functional and live since December 2021, and it is also looking to solve the challenges that not only plagued the cryptocurrency industry since its inception, but will now be an even more predominant topic: making cryptocurrency safe, secure and rewarding at the same time, enough to make it a viable alternative to traditional investments. XTRA.FUND not only believes it can deliver, but is on a mission to convince the world of that as well.

The way it offers that is with the following set of features:

Sometimes it just takes a bit of XTRA PROTECTION

The cryptocurrency industry is limited in terms of the types of protection it can offer, and with regulation in most parts of the world not around, it is no wonder that people are still hesitant. Companies have offered solutions much like Binance with its SAFU, but the user needs to have confidence in that company and their willingness to honor such measures. Another format that has come from the industry, is the notion of stable coins. Even with Luna’s UST incident, these are still a solid way forward; however, the recent UST collapse showed that nothing is 100% safe. In fact is it starting to prompt governments to finally enter, and back these assets up more to protect their citizens as Japan recently announced. There is another way, and that is the unprecedented XTRA.FUND way.

To create its solution, XTRA.FUND created its own smart contract, its own token, and its own platform. The mathematicians that support XTRA.FUND devised a way by which to cover a significant portion of a staked amount against the drop in price of its token. First a fully automated, self-governing smart contract was developed. Not only is it secure to the point that even XTRA.FUND employees do not have access to it, but it also revives the true decentralized nature of the blockchain industry, something that seems to have gotten lost with numerous recent projects. In parallel, XTRA.FUND Token was also deployed. It is a BEP-20 token that is the only one in the world protected with a price drop protection mechanism. Using some clever tokenomics, it was decided that 80% of the total 100 Billion tokens would immediately go into this smart contract, now branded as XTRA PROTECTION. To properly offer this protection, the team finally had to develop its own staking platform with rules that would allow for such a feature to be offered.

The outcome? When a user stakes XTRA.FUND Tokens on the XTRA.FUND Platform, their initial staked amount is protected against a price drop of up to 90% (terms such as staking length apply). That is unheard of in not only the decentralized finance but also the traditional finance space.

Two worlds come together to reward gains

There is enough market dropping (price, shares, etc.) going on right now, so time to change the subject: XTRA.FUND also ensures that its users are rewarded well during times of its XTRA.FUND Token price gain. No less than the innovative way it has resolved the challenge with price drops, has XTRA.FUND managed to reward its users during times of price increases. The company has done this through its partnerships with a network of EU based B2B lending companies. Through this cooperation, the profits that they make from their traditional finance activities are seamlessly passed back into the XTRA.FUND Platform, offering its users a competitive ROI. That is how the XTRA LENDING FUND feature came to be.

That’s not the only clever action that occurs. Users of course also benefit from the price gains of the token itself; however only up to double the amount invested. Anything above that is automatically put back into the XTRA PROTECTION feature, replenishing it and preparing it for the next “rainy day”.

Final ingredient, users.

The ecosystem strives towards being community driven. The company had that in its vision from day one. When someone uses the platform, they are entered automatically into the XTRA.CLUB. Today, this serves as the name for the growing number of users that have started to benefit from the product; however, in the future, there will be features deployed that will only be available for XTRA.CLUB, such as the upcoming XTRA Launchpad. Here, not only will well vetted projects be accessible to the community, but they will also be able to offer a version of XTRA Protection for their tokens as well.

In summary, XTRA.FUND is protection in either direction.

To bring this offering to the public, it entailed a highly complex ecosystem that had to be converted to the intuitive platform that one can find on the site today. The diagram here sums up how – no matter the market condition – XTRA.FUND is rewarding its users.

This is just the beginning from the team. In addition to expanding the XTRA.FUND universe, other complimentary products will be launching soon that will be no less innovative. The team itself continues to expand as well as growing its external partnerships. The company is aiming to play a major part in not only thawing the current wintery market but also in proving to the world that cryptocurrency is a viable & safe long term investment alternative.

Dominik Glowicki


Website: https://www.xtra.fund/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xtra_fund

Telegram: https://t.me/xtra_fund



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