Yeeha Games Integrates Cabital’s Web3 Fiat On-And-Off Ramp

As more use cases of crypto emerge, many companies such as Yeeha Games are positioning themselves to benefit from the endless possibilities. Crypto-related firms usually take many approaches to achieve these goals.

One such strategy is partnerships and collaborations. By integrating the services of one platform into another, a hybrid solution is born to facilitate seamless interactions with crypto products.

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A popular GameFi firm in the crypto space, Yeeha Games, backed by Bybit exchange, has continued to expand its solutions and services to embrace the emerging industry. Yeeha Games has been making moves to bridge the web3 gaming ecosystem.

The GameFi platform is planning to release many blockchain games this period and has continued making moves to ensure its success. It now has 11 games to be released and plans to add more soon.

Yeeha Games Integrate Cabital

Yeeha Games just announced its integration with Cabital on September 8. The aim is to facilitate fiat on-and-off ramps for its games. This move will enable players to buy in-game NFTs with fiat deposits quickly and securely.

Cabital is a popular provider of fiat on-and-off ramp infrastructure. Its system will enable fiat-to-crypto payments on Yeeha Games platform. Also, its credit cards launched this 2022 will be accessible for Yeeha Game enthusiasts to buy crypto assets easily. This functionality will be beneficial to those who don’t own cryptocurrencies.

Yeeha Games integration of Cabital will enable gamers to buy crypto through bank transfers using Cabital Connect. Afterward, they can buy NFTs with their crypto on the same platform. This new capability on the Yeeha Games platform will facilitate its newly released Web3 game “Midgard Saga.”

Additionally, Cabital Connect will remove the gas fees on crypto transfers on Yeeha Games. Also, it will remove other processing and deposit fees on the platform. That way, the cost will be lower for the end user. They will also enjoy Cabital’s transaction speeds and secure payment solutions.

The Need For Fiat On-and-Off Ramp

Fiat on-ramps enable gamers without crypto tokens to still access their favorite games. They only need to deposit their local currency, such as CHF, GBP, EUR, and BRL.

After the deposit, the gamers can buy crypto with Cabital making them eligible for in-game item purchases. Most importantly, the on-ramp feature removes the need to use two apps while playing any game.

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The $50 million funded platform Yeeha Games will host depositing fiat, buying crypto, and purchasing game items.

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