Taiwan could change its crypto trade perspective with the change of the Ministry of Digital Affairs

Taiwan’s government cabinet was recently changed, attracting new minds who seem to support the crypto market. According to reports, the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Tang Audrey, spoke briefly about the crypto flexibility in the face of the conflicts with China.

Also, the cabinet and the service companies in Taiwan reported on their technological advances and the multiple problems they have faced due to cyber-attacks. Everything indicates that Taiwan will change its way of seeing crypto and will be much friendlier with the market in the coming years.

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Crossed thoughts


Several days have passed since the government agency appointed Tang Audrey as Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA). Tang invites the cabinet in Taiwan to adapt and link to the crypto market and not try to supervise and even regulate it. The conference where Tang spoke was created by the Digital Taiwan Roundtable firm that curiously presented her with an award that looked like an NFT.

Tang insists that her ministry, MODA, is obligated to create flexibility to increase virtual evolution. This would also boost competition in the country within a vast virtual community that feels more empowered every day.

The 41-year-old agent has brought a new perspective on crypto trading to her ministry with the sole purpose of Taiwan taking advantage of it and not trying to evade it. Tang founded her own technology company when she was only 16 years old, so she has enough experience in the field.

Taiwan is still recovering from cyber-attack


The conference in which Tang participated took place a few days after the cyber-attack that Taiwan suffered by hackers from Russia and China. It is good to know that several public companies and even foreign affairs agencies were harmed during this malicious attack, although the seriousness of what happened is unknown.

On the other hand, MODA was not harmed in the virtual attack because, as Tang indicates, the MODA website has the IPFS protocol, which is the closest thing to a Blockchain. In this way, these types of virtual attacks are avoided, giving confidence to those involved in the ministry.

Tang is expected to start working with crypto so she can develop a friendlier environment for the rising technology. For now, it is only known that MODA focuses on digital communication, management, innovation, flexibility, and business strategy, all based on cryptos.

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