The Next Crypto with Potential to Pump Like Shiba in 2022

Meme coins were one of the hottest sectors in crypto during 2021. This has led Investors everywhere to look for a new cryptocurrency with potential like Shiba Inu and we’ve found it.

During this guide, we’ll be exploring the ins and outs of a new cryptocurrency with potential called Tamadoge, explaining its benefits, and providing a guide on how to buy it. Let’s get started.

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The Next Crypto with Potential – Our #1 Pick

Tamadoge is one crypto with the potential to grow massively. The meme coin could be the next crypto to pop in the coming months and we’re going to explain why.

  • Tamadoge – New Token Bringing Utility into the Meme Coin Sector
A Closer Look at the Next Crypto with Potential to Overtake Shiba Inu

Our full review of Tamadoge covers all the key areas of the project. We’ve carefully analyzed the most important areas for the success of the best meme tokens and broken them down into sections below.

Tamadoge – The Next Crypto with Potential like Shiba

Tamadoge is a phenomenal new cryptocurrency with potential. Many investors around the world wonder what crypto has the highest potential and after reading this review, they will have an answer.


Tamadoge (TAMA) is set to become one of the most popular meme coins on the market. The project is doing something seldom seen in crypto, bringing utility to the meme coin sector. With meme coins already proving to be one of the most popular sectors in the industry, implementing a plethora of utility could be exactly what’s needed to ensure TAMA is the next crypto to pump.

In order to keep up with the latest Tamedoge developments, it’s worth joining the TAMA Telegram group. However, it’s important to be aware that admins will never DM a member first so if any unexpected messages crop up, ignore them.


As it stands, most popular meme coins lack utility. However, Tamadoge is set to shift the paradigm by seriously stepping up what is expected out of a meme coin.

The primary focus of this new cryptocurrency with potential is to create an expensive play-to-earn (P2E) Metaverse world which will house 3D-animated Tamadoge pets. Each pet will be tokenized, meaning they can be sent, traded, and sold with ease. Furthermore, pets can be leveled up by a player using items purchased from the Tamadoge store (food, toys, cosmetics).

As a Tamadoge pet grows it will net its holder a higher score on the leaderboard. Players can compete with one another to see who can raise the best Tamadoge pet but that’s not all. The higher a player is on the leaderboard, the larger portion of the rewards pool they are entitled to. This incentivizes players to take good care of their pet and devote time to raising it the best they possibly can.

The Tamaverse (Tamadoge Metaverse) is an immersive world in which players can interact with one another and play with their pets. This enables Tamadoge to create a more engaging community, helping the project to stay active for the long term.


Now that we’ve discussed how this new cryptocurrency with potential creates value for its holders, it’s time to look at how the supply of TAMA tokens has been allocated.

There are 2 billion TAMA tokens in total. Of that figure, 50% (1 billion tokens) have been allocated to presale investors, 30% (600 million tokens)  will be slowly unlocked over the next 10 years in order to fund the continued development of Tamadoge, and the remaining 20% (400 million tokens) have been reserved for liquidity on both decentralized and centralized exchanges.

As this new cryptocurrency with potential develops, the revenue generated by TAMA is split as follows. 5% of funds generated from in-game transactions will be burned, decreasing supply and boosting the price. 30% will go to marketing and development, helping to keep Tamadoge in the public eye, increasing demand. And lastly, the remaining 65% will be used to fund the P2E prize pool.

Future Plans

It makes sense that the best meme coin to buy would have solid plans for the future. The Tamadoge team has clearly put a lot of thought into how they plan to develop the project as some of the features already announced are set to release during 2023. Below, we’ve included a few of the most exciting features expected to roll out in the coming months.

Once the Tamadoge beta and general presales have concluded in Q4 2022, a series of CEX listings are expected starting with LBANK. This will significantly increase demand for the token, helping the crypto to pump.

During Q3 2023, Tamadoge is expecting to roll out a P2E arcade that will feature a collection of well-crafted P2E games which will come in a wide range of prices and difficulties, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Toward the end of 2023 (Q4), the Tamadoge augmented reality app is expected to release. This will help take Tamadoge mainstream and add even more utility to the ecosystem.

Why is Tamadoge set to explode onto the crypto market?

With the popularity of meme coins still remaining strong, it’s likely that a lot of investors would be wondering if Shiba Inu crypto worth buying. However, we’ve got a better suggestion – Tamadoge. Below, we’ll discuss a few reasons why TAMA is a new cryptocurrency with the potential to overtake already established meme coins.

Tamadoge has already been attracting lots of attention from investors and it’s unlikely to slow down anytime soon. As soon as the beta and general presales have completed or sold out, the project already has a confirmed CEX listing and more in the works. This is likely to massively increase the value of the TAMA token as demand will hit new highs.

Meme coins, NFTs, and play-to-earn games, what do they have in common? Massive popularity. With Tamadoge blending all three, it’s likely that the project will attract a large user base, helping to bolster the in-game economy. With all this demand, TAMA is one crypto with the potential to grow exponentially.

While most P2E games have boring and repetitive earning mechanisms, Tamadoge has set out to switch things up by creating a P2E crypto game that will appeal to casual gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike. By appealing to an audience outside of the crypto-sphere, Tamadoge can capture users that otherwise wouldn’t have an interest in the project. This is just one more way that Tamadoge has set out to expand its user base and bolster demand.

How to Buy TAMA

Figuring out how to buy meme coins can be challenging, but we’ve got any budding inventors covered. We’ve detailed the entire process below.

Step 1 – Register with an Exchange

For investors wanting to get in early on a new cryptocurrency with potential, it’s necessary to first create an account with a regulated broker like eToro as Ethereum is required to purchase TAMA. Alternatively, there is a fiat on-ramp directly on the Tamadoge site that makes buying ETH a breeze.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection

Step 2 – Deposit & Buy ETH

Once the registration process is complete, click on the ‘Deposit Funds’ button, carefully decide how much to invest, and press ‘Deposit’. Then, click on the search bar, enter ‘ETH’, press ‘Open Trade’, choose how much to buy, and press ‘Open Trade’.

Step 3 – Create MetaMask & Send ETH

After creating a wallet by downloading either the MetaMask mobile app or browser extension, then follow the on-screen instructions and ensure the wallet is set to the Ethereum network. Afterward, withdraw the ETH from eToro to MetaMask via the eToro Money Wallet.

Step 4 – Connect Wallet & Buy TAMA

Navigate to the Tamadoge presale, click ‘Connect Wallet’, and select MetaMask. Then, press ‘Buy Tamadoge’, decide how much to purchase (1000 TAMA minimum = $10), and press ‘Convert ETH’. Then once the beta and general presale have finished, the tokens will be claimable on the Tamadoge website.


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Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new cryptocurrency with the potential to reshape the meme coin sector for the better. The project is packed to the brim with utility and with CEX listings already confirmed, it’s likely to shoot up in value as soon as the project hits the open market in Q4.



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