UNITBOX Protocol Introduces an innovative investment tool: the Rent-to-Earn Model

UNITBOX protocol, an emerging blockchain startup, introduces its innovative platform where DeFi stakeholders can converge and benefit from the novel Rent-to-Earn model. Aiming to lower entry barriers to blockchain gaming, UNITBOX DAO offers a tool to bring productivity to the broader gaming ecosystem.

As the first custody-free NFT rent2earn protocol and the first use case of the wrapped NFT (wNFT) technology, UNITBOX protocol allows NFT owners to transfer their NFTs to the players for management and share the derived revenue rather than let them stay in their wallets idle. This model will make it easy for gamers to access and manage in-game assets, bypassing the initial costs of purchasing them to access any Play2Earn gaming title.

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UNITBOX is governed by a smart contract that automatically distributes the earnings. Despite being a decentralized outfit, the platform is designed to be non-custodial. As a result, NFT ownerscan easily recall them whenever they desire.

Building Alliances Ahead of Grand Opening

The UNIBOX DAO Protocol is still at the prototype and testing stage. Still, after the launch planned for Q3, the platform will help foster the overall productivity of NFT owners, gamers, guilds, scholars, and investors.

In a bid to ensure that those who need it the most will harness the platform upon full launch, UNIBOX has partnered with as many as ten guilds, 50,000 investors, and 300,000 scholars. While this number may seem outstanding considering the age of the protocol, there is a plan to extend the partnership to 300 guilds and over 100,000 investors by the end of the year.

UNITBOX is benefitting from the depth of experience of its founder Anton Link who was amongst the first proposers of the abovementioned wNFT tech. The leased-out NFTs get wrapped in a wNFT. Upon return, they are unwrapped back to their original forms.

The native UNIT token will power the platform, while the use of staking will help ensure the economy is stable and the token price is supported. According to the roadmap, UNITBOX is on track to have launched its full functionalities by the end of Q4 2022.



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